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Eight Reasons To Schedule a Concert

 . . . with His Praise Men's Chorus

  1. His Praise has more than 20 years of music ministry experience and are able to adapt our program to your service requirements.

  2. Our repertoire is selected to provide encouragement and to renew our faith in Christ’s plan for our salvation.

  3. We provide opportunity for the pastor to make a call of commitment or recommitment at the close of the performance. Hundreds of concert attendees have rededicated their lives.

  4. Personal testimonies are the heartfelt thoughts of the presenter and are intended to encourage attendees.

  5. Prayer request cards will be provided; the congregation will be encouraged to submit their requests for prayer.

  6. Opportunity will be given the congregation to pray for our ministry, join our ministry, and provide a financial gift in support of our ministry. We do not make offering calls as His Praise Men's Chorus is a faith ministry and the Lord has provided. Churches have collected offerings on our behalf, which we appreciate.  It is not, however, a factor in booking a performance at your church.

  7. Concert promotional items are provided, including: press releases for your local paper and nearby church bulletins; bulletin inserts to run for two weeks ahead of the concert that are nice for sharing with friends and neighbors; promotional posters that can be printed and displayed on your church and town bulletin boards. Your members can display them in their places of business or share them with friends and neighbors.

  8. In addition to a 45–60 minute program we can provide, on request, a children's story, a leader for congregational hymn singing and worship music, offertory or specific items you include in your service that you would like us to participate in.